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10 Steps to Menu Board Magic




An effective menu board design utilizes the idea that less is more. All too often, graphics are over designed and the images are heavily propped. This approach convolutes the message and jeopardizes the effectiveness of the menu board campaign. 

A well-designed menu board will include the following design criteria:

  1. Close cropped, high quality photography.
  2. Back lighting the menu board graphics, this creates an immediate focal point.
  3. Minimal propping in and around the product being sold.
  4. Size of each graphic should be at least 24” sq. or larger.
  5. Price points incorporated into the product graphic helps speed up the transaction.
  6. Combo offerings sell more product.
  7. Utilizing today’s digital design you can compliment virtually any architectural environment by incorporating common design elements (i.e. colors, textures, etc).
  8. Photographic reproduction of the graphics is still the highest quality, most consistent imaging technology available today.
  9. Light box or illuminator design should be minimal (black always offers a nice contrast). Surrounds can be fabricated when common architectural elements are desired.
  10. DDS (Dynamic Digital Signage) can be an effective enhancement to a static menu board environment. DDS offers moving stills, video, and the ability to easily switch out pricing across a large circuit of locations. That said, static graphics (e.g., Duratrans) still offer the most cost effective and consumer friendly method of communicating your offerings in a time sensitive fashion.

Whether you are a fast food operation, a concession operation at a movie theatre, a theme park, or other places of assembly…making it easy for the consumer to make a buying decision is paramount in increasing capita per visit by creating a fast, non confusing offering of your products.

There are many more considerations to developing the most effective menu board campaign for your specific application. Click here to request more information regarding menu board solutions.


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